Contour is committed to offering the highest quality experience for every flight. We offer competitive pricing on every aircraft in our fleet and have aircrafts based across the country. With a multitude of flight options, we will find the perfect aircraft for you at the price and quality you are entitled to.

Global XRS thumb

Global XRS

Passengers: 13+1

Max Range: 6000 NM

CRJ – 200 thumb

CRJ – 200

Passengers: 16

Max Range: 1,800 nm

Legacy 600 thumb

Legacy 600

Passengers: 13

Max Range: 3,400 nm

ERJ 135 thumb

ERJ 135

Passengers: 30

Max Range: 2,034 nm

Cessna Citation XLS thumb

Cessna Citation XLS

Passengers: 9

Max Range: 1,858 nm

Citation V thumb

Citation V

Passengers: 8 + 1

Max Range: 1,780 nm

Citation XL thumb

Citation XL

Passengers: 8+1

Max Range: 1858 nm