At Contour, we are obsessed with detail. Your perfect flight experience is our top priority. We take your private charter personally, and go to any lengths necessary to meet your unique needs.

We take pride in earning and keeping your trust by fixating on passenger safety. We are ARGUS Platinum and ISBAO Stage Two and have a full in house safety department tasked with constantly auditing every segment of our business.Our clients’ absolute satisfaction is the heartbeat of our company and culture. Whether you need an airliner to move 30 people to an event or a midsized jet for your family getaway, at Contour, we have the experience and expertise to provide your perfect flight every time.

Why do customers choose Contour for their charter flights? Because our vast experience makes us experts at providing travel tailored to your needs. We offer pay-as-you-go pricing, varying travel itineraries, multiple flight destinations each day, supplemental aircraft needs, and more. We are committed to providing a great flight every time.

Charter Fleet


Contour is committed to offering the highest quality experience for every flight. We offer competitive pricing on every aircraft in our fleet and have aircraft based across the country. With a multitude of flight options, we will find the perfect aircraft for you at the price and quality you are entitled to.


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VIP Program


Experience the highest level of luxury travel. Contour is excited to offer our exclusive VIP Program to our most valued charter passengers. Streamline your travel experience and enjoy all the comforts of Contour flights with less hassle and added flexibility. Our VIP Program gives you access to one exclusive travel specialist, who manages every aspect of your trip, every time.

The VIP Program re-defines freedom with price transparency, flight flexibility, and discounts off of the hourly retail rate. You may choose between our VIP5 and VIP7 membership packages. Our VIP Program provides pricing clarity that other “jet cards” do not. Members can choose any aircraft in the Contour fleet, allowing you to select the perfect cabin size for every flight. Contour’s VIP Program gives you the freedom to fly as high and often as you need with trust and transparency.


The time and resources of our members is our chief concern. We create a fluid and comfortable experience by taking care of your every need. Our members don’t worry about travel arrangements—just call and tell us where you want to go. We have flight schedulers available 24/7.

VIP Program Pricing

VIP7- Prepay $100,000 and receive a 7% discount off of the hourly retail rate of any aircraft in the Contour fleet.

VIP5- Prepay $50,000 and receive a 5% discount off of the hourly retail rate of any aircraft in the Contour fleet.


Ashley Brown

VIP Charter Service Coordinator

EMAIL | 615.534.1942

Contact Ashley for more information on our VIP program.

On-Demand Charter Services


When you need to arrive at your destination quickly, safely and in the utmost comfort, on-demand charter services answer your travel needs. Leading business executives, entertainers, organ transplant teams and even a former President of the United States rely on Contour to get them where they want to go.

With over 25 aircraft based around the country, we are always prepared to meet your travel needs. We are the largest charter operator in the Southeast and one of the most experienced in the country.

Every aspect of our operation, from pilot training to aircraft maintenance- is subject to rigorous ongoing review by Contour managers, the FAA, and ARG/US and IS-BAO, but we believe that the ultimate measure of success is client satisfaction.

Corporate Shuttles


For companies that have a need to move employees between certain destinations on a regular basis, Contour can design customized corporate shuttle programs using executive or commercial aircraft. Routings and schedules can be designed to offer your staff flexibility and cost savings as well as complete discretion and security while on the ground and in the air. Passengers can park their cars at no cost and arrive at the private terminal as late as 10 minutes prior to departure. Overnight hotel stays necessitated by inconvenient airline schedules are eliminated, and your valued employees are quickly returned home to their families. Companies that have implemented corporate shuttle programs have realized cost savings of up to 20% when compared to the cost of commercial airline tickets. A shuttle also offers the additional benefit of allowing companies to discreetly transport important clients and suppliers in a relaxing and impressive environment. Onboard services and products can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Contour oversees the entire operation, making the experience turnkey and simple.

Charter Sales

Sybilla Slavin, Ashley Brown and Jared Weiss

EMAIL | 615.220.1761

Contact Charter Sales for more information about our charter services.